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Easy to use Website Review. Conduct website audit and find technical SEO mistakes for the whole .

Check broken links and redirects

Make an audit of status codes: check each of the Uniform Locators. Also, you will need to find 404 errors and check the moves of your traffic when redirected.

Perform the audit of for URLs

You need to check all important meta tags for all URLs. It’s also important to examine the following elements: h1, meta titles, canonicals, robots tags, content length (for TOP landings).

Analyze external, internal links and anchors

Check each external or internal of every URL. Perform the same actions for anchors. You will need to check internal links for http status codes and their relevance for a specific page. Anchors from internal links should be audited for this page as well.

Test the of website

You will need to detect the problems that slow down your website, so start with “Test my Site” feature. Conduct audit for each URL. You can use the guides to find the , code or images to be optimized aiming to increase the speed.

Make an audit of internal Page Rank

On this stage, you will need to analyze the weight of each page. You should delete all irrelevant URLs and optimize the structure of internal links.

SEO testing of URLs

You can find URLs by types of technical errors or text. You can have either a small or a big website in terms of weight. We offer a convenient tool to search by URL and detect the errors to improve your website.

Visualize the structure of your website

You can build your website tree with the help of our special tool for visualization. The structure of your website tree depends on the structure of the internal links (virtual siloing). By using this tool, you can make changes in the structure of the internal links to increase the rankings of your website.

Check any website with our Website Review! Conduct website audit and find technical SEO mistakes for the whole domain.

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