What is Difference between Kerberos and SSL?

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1. Kerberos :
Kerberos is a computer- authentication system which is used for the authentication of users information while logging into the system. Kerberos is based on symmetric key cryptography and depends on a reliable third party and works on the private key encryption during phases of authentication. Different versions of Kerberos are developed for enhancing security in the authentication. Kerberos is generally implemented in Microsoft products like Windows 2000, Windows XP and later windows.

2. Secure Socket (SSL) :
SSL is an encryption protocol which gives secure in a non-secure network. SSL requires a certificate and works on the public key encryption. SSL does not use any port directly, it works on TCP protocol and uses any port over TCP. SSL is implemented in different applications of networked environment such as browsing, messaging, emails and other protocols like .

Difference between Kerberos and SSL

1.Kerberos is an and offers free services.SSL does not offer free service as it is patented.
2.Kerberos is generally implemented in microsoft products like Windows 2000, Windows XP and later windows.SSL is implemented in web browsing, messaging and other protocols like FTP.
3.Kerberos depends on a reliable third party.SSL is asynchronous as it depends on the certificate.
4.Kerberos works on the private key encryption.While SSL works on the public key encryption.
5.Kerberos is best suited for the WWW.SSL is appropriate and effective for the networked environments.
6.In kerberos, key cancellation is achieved by disabling any user on authentication .In SSL, revocation server control records of the bad certificate for key cancellation.

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