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Stands for “Exchangeable Image .” EXIF is a standard means of tagging image files with metadata, or additional information about the image. It is supported by both the  and JPEG formats, but is most commonly seen in JPEG images captured with digital cameras.

When you take a picture with a digital camera, it automatically saves EXIF data with the photo. This typically includes the exposure time (shutter ), f-number (aperture), ISO setting, flash (on/off), and the date and time. Some cameras may save additional EXIF data, such as the brightness value, white balance setting, metering mode, and sensing method. Many smartphones and some newer digital cameras also include  information, which is used for “geotagging” photos.

When you view a digital photo on your computer, the EXIF data is typically hidden by default. Therefore, you may need to select an option such as “Get ,” “View Properties,” or “Show Inspector” from within your photo viewing  in order to view the EXIF data. In Photoshop, for example, you can select File → File Info…, then click the “Advanced” tab to view the EXIF properties.

NOTE: The PNG and  image formats do not support EXIF data.

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