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Website Worth Calculator

You can find the website value, revenue, visits & pageviews estimates, Alexa Traffic Rank & charts, and Top Values for any website with our website value calculator. Analyze a Website Start your website analysis here: Our reports include these sections: How much is a website worth?How much can this website make?Website Traffic EstimateSearch Engines & Social MediaUser Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI)Domain & Hosting How does our calculator work? Our users often come up with these questions:“How did you calculate the worth of this ... Read more

What is FQDN?

Stands for "Fully Qualified Domain Name." An FQDN is a the most complete domain name that identifies a host or server. The format is: [hostname].[domain].[tld]. For example, "" is an FQDN since it contains a hostname ("www") and a domain name (""), followed by a trailing period. The name "" is not fully qualified because it does not include a hostname or end with a period. An FQDN can be broken down into four parts: Hostname: www, mail, ftp, store, support, etc.Domain: apple, microsoft, ibm, facebook, etc.Top level domain (TLD): .com, ... Read more

What is a Domain Name?

New computer users often confuse domain names with universal resource locators, or URLs, and Internet Protocol, or IP, addresses. This confusion is understandable. It is worth learning the differences between them because these terms are ubiquitous. It is also helpful to be able to use terms correctly when communicating to technicians or other people within a professional organization. This naming convention is analogous to a physical address system. People find web pages in a manner similar to the way that they use ... Read more
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