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What is a CDN?

Stands for "Content Delivery Network." A CDN is a group of servers distributed in different locations. Small CDNs may be located within a single country, while large CDNs are spread across data centers around the world. CDNs are used to provide content to users in different locations as quickly as possible. For example, a user in San Francisco may receive website content from a server in Los Angeles, while a user in England may receive the same content from a server in London. This is accomplished ... Read more

What is Difference between Kerberos and SSL?

1. Kerberos :Kerberos is a computer-network authentication system which is used for the authentication of users information while logging into the system. Kerberos is based on symmetric key cryptography and depends on a reliable third party and works on the private key encryption during phases of authentication. Different versions of Kerberos are developed for enhancing security in the authentication. Kerberos is generally implemented in Microsoft products like Windows 2000, Windows XP and later windows. 2. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) :SSL is an encryption protocol which gives secure transmission ... Read more

What is a URL?

Stands for "Uniform Resource Locator." A URL is the address of a specific webpage or file on the Internet. For example, the URL of the TechTerms website is "" The address of this page is "" and includes the following elements: http:// – the URL prefix, which specifies the protocol used to access the – the server name or IP address of the server/definition/url – the path to the directory or file While all website URLs begin with "http," several other prefixes exist. Below is a list of various URL prefixes: http – a webpage, website directory, or other ... Read more

What is a Port?

In the computer world, the term "port" has three different meanings. It may refer to 1) a hardware port, 2) an Internet port number, or 3) the process of porting a software program from one platform to another. 1. Hardware Port A hardware port is a physical connection on a computer or another electronic device. Common ports on modern desktop computers include USB, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, and DisplayPort. Previous generations of computers used different ports, such a serial ports, parallel ports, and VGA ports. Mobile devices often have only one port. For example, an iPhone or iPad may have a single Lightning connector. ... Read more
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